Performance is not good enough

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Performance is not good enough

Postby windyplayer » Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:24 am

I've used Openshot previous versions on Linux doing 1080 captures > 720 to make DVDs and it worked Super. Build by DVDs with DVDstyler after editing with OpenShot.

I now need to process some Fraps footage into videos for YouTube. And my monitor is 2K - 2560x1440. I'd be happy to capture in HD, but I don't really have that option. Tried it, doesn't work.

So I have a few minutes of 2K capture and want to edit / reduce it to HD format for upload.

I have a large machine - AMD Ryzen 1800x, 32GB RAM, System SSD 500K, 4TB work drive. GTX 1060 Graphics.

I drop about 10 minutes of captures videos - 5 or 6 - into the timeline, and basically, Openshot melts down.Way too sluggish to be useful. Looks like it's trying to "cache" thumbnails. I see the little blue markers on the timeline. I increased the cache from 250MB to 2048MB, but that didn't help.

Looks like I need the ability to control the caching. Save it near the project and keep it while I edit rather than tossing it out. That might make the program usable while I do my simple edits.

I understand that this is out of the normal since I'm capturing in 2K. But I don't have a choice. Changing the screen size and then trying to capture in HD only does not work. It captures a 2K video which has an HD panel in the corner. And BTW, I have uploaded 2K videos to YouTube and they work. So the world is moving quickly beyond HD.

Thought you'd like to know. I'm not asking for a fix, but I'll check back periodically to see how OpenShot is coming along. I had great luck using the earlier version on Linux and am happy to see Openshot available on many platforms.
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Re: Performance is not good enough

Postby perry » Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:39 pm

i have performance issues big time- VERY slow. like 5 minutes for every action like adding a fade in or a snip....

struggling to get anything done, and my video is only like 1 min long.
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