Rendering locking at 84%

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Rendering locking at 84%

Postby Katier » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:35 am

Hi Folks,

I use Openshot on windows 10 and am using the latest version (updated yesterday, 16th June 2017).

I am trying to render a video that is approximately 40 minutes long, made of two segments cut from the same longer video (I trimmed a section out of the middle). I have also removed the audio from the original and replaced it with an ambience sound track.

Trying to export to MP4 (tried two variants of compression), HD 720 (various fps), quality high or medium. When the render hits 84% it just seems to stop. Doesn't crash, just locks.

Any assistance would be most appreciated. I like the editor but obviously it's unusable with this issue. The ultimate target for the video will be Youtube and I'd like to keep it at 720p (the source files are also 720).

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