Opensuse Crashing

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Opensuse Crashing

Postby loudsky » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:58 pm

I will report a bug report, as soon as Openshot crashes or my computer unfreezes. Currently it's been sitting there for 20 min's, hard drive churning and frozen. Only happens when I'm using openshot. It's an i5, 8GB ram and 10K RPM WD Blue hard drives. It's a bit older but burns through pretty much anything.
I'm also not sure that it's really openshot. kdenlive locks up and crashes as well, so most likely gstreamer issue? Anyone the PC is currently locked up and I REALLY don't want to lose the work i just did, so i'm letting it sit there. I did a CTRL S when it first locked, so here's to hoping it will save.

My question is something different. What platforms (hardware and software) are you not having trouble with? Does anyone have a rig that handles openshot just fine? My first thought is a late 2012 mac mini. I'd prefer to stay with linux but as my Drone video biz grows, I will probably put together a dedicated rig. Curious what distro's (OS) and hardware everyone is using where openshot is really stable. Ubuntu is my last choice 8-)
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