Advanced Scrolling Credits

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Advanced Scrolling Credits

Postby Andy » Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:43 pm

A question came up recently about how to achieve scrolling credits with the video playing on the left and the credits scrolling on the right (or vice versa). Here's a quick guide on how to achieve this.

1. For a general guide on how to achieve scrolling credits, see the section of the help manual here as a starting point:

2. The first thing to do is position the video so it appears on the left hand section of the screen. Right Click on your clip on the timeline and select the 'Properties' option. In the Layout tab, set the Width option to 50 for both the 'Start of Clip' & 'End of Clip' key frames - it is important to set it for both start & end points, otherwise you will end up with an animated effect.

3. The title or image used for the scrolling credit should be placed on the track above the video clip.

4. Right click on the titles clip and select the Animate>Bottom to Top option.

5. Select the Properties for the titles clip and in the Layout tab set the width to 50, and also set the X (%) to 50 - again these should be set on both the Start & End key frames. This sets the width to half screen, and by setting the X value, shifts the clip to the right.

That should be it. You may need to fine tune the X value for the titles clip, depending on the width of your text. It doesn't take much imagination to see how you can modify these instructions to reverse the positions of the video/credits or have them on the top or bottom of the screen.
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