Using pan & zoom to animate a panoramic image

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Using pan & zoom to animate a panoramic image

Postby hvdwolf » Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:45 pm

Photo cameras allow you take a set of images and make a panorama of this. Hugin is one these open source panorama editors. Some of the newer photo cameras allow you to make the so called "sweep" panoramas. You simply move your camera from right to left, or left to right to make your panorama.
It would be nice to display these panoramic images in your video.
And yes, I know that you can also make a "video" panorama by just moving your video/photo camera from left to right while recording video.
But lets assume you made this panorama image from separate photos.
Openshot, as every video editor, normally resizes your image to either fit the height or width of your chosen project profile. For a panorama image this means that you have (really) lots of space above and below your image.

It would of course be much nicer to have the panorama image to fully fill the entire height, and scroll from left to right, or from right to left in your video. It would make your panorama image appear like a video.

It took me a while to get this done in OpenShot with pan & zoom. Maybe I'm the dummest user on this forum, but in case I'm not I assume more users have difficulties with this, hence this tutorial.

As youtube scales embedded videos to a smaller size, you can also click this link to go to youtube, click the full screen button in the youtube taskbar to watch the 720p version of this tutorial.

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