FEJ High Altitude Weather Balloon

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FEJ High Altitude Weather Balloon

Postby esotericdude » Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:44 pm

Don't forget to tap the gear icon and up the resolution to the max your device and bandwidth can handle.
Project: FEJ

Freddy Willems
Eric Zsolczai
Jason Cook

Launched: Macclenny Memorial Park, FL
MaxAltitude: 98100 feet MSL
Peak ascent: 20 MPH
Peak descen: 132 MPH
Landed 23+ miles WSW of start
Time to apogee: 1 hour 50 minutes
Total flight time: 2 hours 21 minutes

~1200 g for box, payload, reflector, 600 g HAS balloon
Nikon coolpix 12 mega pixel camera - set interval 30 seconds
Mobius Action Camera, Wide Angle
Nexus 5x with a very customized version of Insane Rockets app. Expect a balloon version of the app in the future
GRMS 36 mile radio relayed telemetry from the app
Recorded 4k video, Captured 170,138 rows of telemetry data
Including Barometer, Gs, GPS, Magnetometer Gyroscopic, Velocity, Orientation

All instruments performed nominally with the exception of orientation. Orientation experienced gyroscopic drift and required alignment.

Rendering: OpenShot, GIMP, Audacity, FFmpeg, MEncoder, DashWare

Final video render & data: Jason Cook - After my day job, I spent over 90 late night hours experimenting to process the data, render this monstrosity, and align the data with the video. It's the most complex and exciting video I have ever made.

Coming soon: Links to photos and data.

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