Viewing waveform to synce external audio

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Viewing waveform to synce external audio

Postby second.exodous » Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:28 pm

I was wondering if anyone syncs up audio from a external source. For instance, I use a Hero 5 to vlog and got a H1 and a lapel mic so A: the audio will be better than what the awful Hero5 captures and B: so my rig isn't so huge and unwieldy as when I attach a mic to my Hero5. Anyway, I'm looking for an easy way to sync up the audio. I know people that use other video editing software use the clap trick, where you clap 3 times and then link the spikes in the camera audio file to the spikes in the external audio file but I can't find where to even see the wave form in openshot. I'm sure if it is there it is simple and I'm just missing it but I can't find it.


EDIT 1: After spending a few hours yesterday trying to figure this out all I had to do was right click the clip, go to display, and select 'Show Waveform' How I missed this I have no idea. . .

EDIT 2: Never mind, I can't zoom into the clip enough to accurately link up the video clip with the external audio, you can only zoom into a second. Is there anyway to zoom more, if not then I can't really sync external audio up in openshot.
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Re: Viewing waveform to synce external audio

Postby Tukcedo » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:13 pm

I was wondering exactly the same thing. For me (Ubuntu 16.04, v2.3.2) the waveform is shown on the preview window and then only as the video is played. To synchronise with e.g. a music audio track, you want it shown statically on the timeline IMHO.

Anyone found a way of doing that?
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