Bad Audio when exporting with video

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Bad Audio when exporting with video

Postby gmelchior » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:05 am

Hi guys,

I'm about to get mad with this issue of mine. I have a couple of oggvorbis audio files and an VP9 (or mp4) Video file. All of the files have pristine quality when listened to at their own. If i only put the audio into openshot and export as webm or mp4 the audio is also excellent, no distortion noticable. But as soon as i add the video the audio gets quite bad. There are popping sounds and distortions. These distortions also appear when previewing inside openshot. I didn't change the audio quality once, i always kept the default, with is 192kb/s which is good enough for both mp3 and ogg.

I tried on multiple machines, currently on a freshly installed xubuntu 16.04.1. Openshot is installed just this morning from the ppa.
I have the same issue on a fedora 24 machine and on an opensuse leap, so i guess it's not related to my machine, but something to perhaps related to gstreamer or some lib or plugin issues?

gstreamer: 1.8.2
openshot 2.1.0
xubuntu 16.04.1

Anybody with an idea what i could check, update, change?
I really don't want to encode audio and video separately and merge afterwards, that totally defeats the purpose of an video editor. And is just so much more work....

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Re: Bad Audio when exporting with video

Postby XXLRay » Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:40 am

There seems to be an audio issue with Openshot 2.x. Try to report it here
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