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Multiple Audio Tracks

Postby Belerad » Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:53 am

Hello, i'm pretty new to video editing stuff and maybe i also just miss something pretty simple completley, but i got stuck and wanted to know if it's just me, or it is simply not possible.

To the issue. I recorded a video as mp4 with 2 audio tracks. 1 track are the sounds of the desktop and on the second track i have the sound of my microphone. So, while i can watch both audio tracks separated on vlc, i can't see them in OpenShot. The main thing, i would like to do, is, export the microphone track to an external file, edit it on Audacity and import it back to the video.

So, is this possible, or do i have to look out for an other program than OpenShot.

P.s. Sorry for my bad english. Im completley out of shape :oops:
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