Remaing time indicator, minizing option, dropdown list

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Remaing time indicator, minizing option, dropdown list

Postby peace2000 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:57 pm

Hello! I have some suggestions concerning Openshot.

a) At this moment there is a per cent indicator on video exporting window showing the progression of exporting. Can you also add a remaining time indicator? Without it, it's hard to know how much time a certain video exporting process takes. I know that it's not possible to know the exact time but an estimation would help a lot. I use sometimes very high quality options that might take some time to complete. If I knew how much time exporting takes at the beginning of exporting, I could more easily balance between processing time and quality.

I mean something like this:


If you add that, I also suggest that instead of closing Export window automatically after exporting, it could be left open with a notification telling how much time the process took?:


b) Can you add an option that allows minimizing Openshot as a tray icon? Now when exporting process is ongoing there is no way to minimize Openshot.

c) Add a dropdown list of codecs and codec options that are available? Now Openshot does not tell which options it supports.


I hope you consider these suggestions. :)
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