Titles - copying, and double-click action

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Titles - copying, and double-click action

Postby Diode » Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:48 pm

I'm glad to see that titling should be as easy as in Windows Movie Maker, where there's a dedicated timeline track for titles, compared to VideoPad where you can only have one title per clip, for the full length of the clip :roll:

However, in WMM you can copy and paste a title very easily - set up a 2 second title in a particular style, then use ctrl-c and ctrl-v to add copies all over the timeline and just change the text for each one with a double click to edit.

In OpenShot this currently seems to be difficult. I tried "Duplicate", but then there was no way to change the text for the copy... this can only be done from the clip list, and not from the timeline? But the duplicate clip doesn't have an item in the clips list!

Wouldn't it make more sense that double-clicking a title clip would bring up the title dialog for changing the text (with the text-change dialogue already open, which could be cancelled if you want to change something else instead)? And provide ctrl-c/v to rapidly allow numerous copy titles?

Cheers 8-)
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