Edge Snapping,Customizable Zoom,Video Shaking & Transitions

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Edge Snapping,Customizable Zoom,Video Shaking & Transitions

Postby Jbskif » Sun Oct 02, 2016 3:21 am

Hello, Openshot creators!
I've been using OpenShot for about a month on Windows. And have been LOVING it. But there are a couple features I think OpenShot should have.

Sometimes I change the scale of the image in the property settings. I change the gravity to move it away from the center. I think it looks ugly when it's on the direct edge of the video. There should be a setting for moving the clip a from the edge by a few pixels.

There should also be a setting to add zoom to different size (ex: (start: 20%) (end: 200%) (length: 0.5 sec)

I also think there should be a feature that shakes the clip. But it shouldn't be a set shake that does it in one way it should be customizable (as in you choose how far and how fast it shakes).

The transitions are weird and are half transparent. Harder transitions without awkward looking gradients would look crisper and more professional.

If you can already do any of these in the program, I'd like you guys to tell me.

Thanks, Johnny
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