AppImage: detect whether .desktop file already installed

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AppImage: detect whether .desktop file already installed

Postby dg1727 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:05 am


Procedure to illustrate a possible added feature: (This is from my memory, so may not be perfectly accurate)

1. Download the AppImage (I used 2.2.0).
2. Put it into /usr/local/bin/ & make the file executable.
3. Run it as root, just to install the .desktop file.
4. OpenShot correctly installs the .desktop file into /usr/local/share/applications/ Yay!
5. Exit OpenShot.
6. The root user may want to rename the .desktop file so it won't be automatically overwritten by any newer version of OpenShot.
7. Run the AppImage as an ordinary user, by launching the .desktop file from desktop environment's applications menu or similar.
8. Problem: OpenShot still prompts whether to install the .desktop file.

A solution might involve having the .desktop file call OpenShot with a command-line parameter such as --no-install-desktop-file which suppresses the "Should a .desktop file be installed?" window.

Thanks for your time.
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