An Editor for Audio and/or an export option for audio only

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An Editor for Audio and/or an export option for audio only

Postby grysmith » Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:54 pm

My camera has a mic in it, but no way to edit the audio, and outputs it in MP4 format as part of the video file, while it is practical to separate audio and video data using this program, I haven't been able to edit the audio after it is cropped, and before the final version is exported with the video.

Where this would come in handy is when I get background noise that I could filter out of the audio, like 60 cycle hum, and the hum from my fridge or freezer. I would like to edit the audio after cropping because I notice that the editing of the video, ends up with snaps and dead spaces where I can't quite get the audio files to line up right. if you don't supply an audio editor with filtering for this purpose, I would like to be able to export the edited audio file to audacity as a wave file where I know I can remove the problems with my audio, but not edit the video.

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