Manage Files & Folders

When making a video, you will need to import many different files into your project, including audio, videos, images, titles, overlays, sound effects, and more.  This can quickly get out of hand, and make your list of project files too long, which will slow you down looking for the right file.

If your project has too many files (which is up to you to decide), you can use labels, filters, and folders as a way to organize your files.


Each file has a column for a Label.  A label is any phrase or phrases that helps you identify what this file is going to be used for.  For example, “Scene 1”, “Intro”, “Title”, “Credits”.  There is no right or wrong way to use a label, just enter any text that helps you identify a file.


The Project Files section has filter buttons and a textbox to help you find files quickly.  The filter buttons, Video, Audio, and Image, will quickly filter the list of files down to those file types.  Entering any text into the filter textbox will only show files that contain that text in their filename or label.  So, this feature can be combined with labels, to create a powerful search and organization system.


If labels and filters are not enough to organize your project files, you can also create folders inside your project to help group files together.

Create a Folder

  1. Right click on the Project Files section.

  2. Choose Create Folder...

  3. Enter a name for your folder.

Move Files to a Folder

  1. Be sure you have created a folder first.

  2. Right click on 1 or more files in the Project Files section.

  3. Choose Move File(s) to Folder.

  4. Choose a folder.

Remove a Folder

  1. Right click on a folder

  2. Choose Remove

    * Be sure to move all files out of a folder before removing it.