Add Files to Timeline

Once you have imported files into your project, the next step is to add them to the timeline.  

Drag and Drop

To add a file from your Project Files to the timeline, follow these steps:

  1. Click on a file.

  2. Drag over the timeline and drop it.

  3. The clip will now be added to the timeline.

    * You can only add 1 file at a time using this method.

Add Multiple Files to the Timeline

If you would like to quickly add multiple files to the timeline at the same time, there is an Add to Timeline feature.  To use this feature, select all of the files you would like to add to the timeline, and right-click and select Add to Timeline.

The Add to Timeline screen can also apply fade in and fade out settings to each clip,  add transitions between the clips, or simply stack the clips back to back on the timeline.  The files will be inserted at the position of the play-head.





Start Time

This is the location on the timeline (in seconds) where the files will be added.  It will default to the position of the play-head.


Øverste spor

The top track is the primary track where clips will be added.  If no transitions are being used, only the top track is needed.


Nederste spor

The bottom track is used when transitions are needed, and the clips alternate between the top and bottom track, with transitions between them.



The type of fade to apply to a clip.


Fade Length

The length (in seconds) of the fade.



The type of transition to add between clips.  You can also choose Random Transition, if you do not want the same transition being used over and over again.


Transition Length

The length (in seconds) of the transition.


Flyt op

Move the selected files up in the list.


Flyt ned

Move the selected files down in the list.


Shuffle Files

Shuffle the files and put them in a random order.


Remove File

Remove the selected files from this screen.