Import Files – Audio, Video, and Images

Before you can use a clip on the timeline, you must first import the clip into your project.  There are a few different ways to import a clip.  The most common way is to drag and drop files from your computer into the Project Files section of the screen.

There are 4 different methods to import a clip.

Method 1 - Drag & Drop

  1. Run OpenShot

  2. Drag and drop multiple files at once from your Desktop to the Project Files tree.

Method 2 - Drop Folder

  1. Run OpenShot

  2. Drag and drop a folder full of media files from your Desktop to the Project Files tree.

    * All audio, video, and image files will be imported from this folder

Method 3 - Open With

  1. While browsing files in Gnome, select 1 or more media files

  2. Right click on the selected files, and choose Open With Other Application...

  3. Choose OpenShot Video Editor (or the openshot command)

    * Even after you start working in OpenShot with your files, you can still return to the file system, and right click on more files and choose OpenShot . It will add them to the currently running instance of OpenShot.

Method 4 - Import Button

  1. Run OpenShot

  2. Click the Import Files toolbar button

  3. Select 1 or more files, and click Import