List of Transitions

Blinds in to out

Blinds in to out big

Blinds sliding

Circle in to out

Circle out to in

Clock left to right

Clock right to left

Fractal 1

Fractal 2

Fractal 3

Fractal 4

Fractal 5

Fractal 6

Fractal 7

Fractal 8

Hatched 1

Hatched 2

Hatched 3

Hourglass 1

Hourglass 2

Hourglass 3

Hourglass 4


Openshot logo

Puzzle 7 by 7

Rectangle in to out

Rectangle out to in



Spiral abstract 1

Spiral abstract 2

Spiral big

Spiral medium

Spiral small


Star 1

Star 2

Vertical blinds in to out

Vertical blinds in to out big

Wipe bottom to top

Wipe diagonal 1

Wipe diagonal 2

Wipe diagonal 3

Wipe diagonal 4

Wipe left to right

Wipe right to left

Wipe top to bottom