Move & Trim Clips on Timeline

Once you have files (also referred to as clips) on the timeline, we need to arrange them onto tracks, and put them in the correct order.  Also, we will need to trim off the beginning and endings of the video clip (if needed).

Move a Clip (Select Mode)

  1. Switch to Select Mode (this is the default mode)

  2. Click on a clip.

  3. Drag the clip to a new position on the timeline, and drop it.

    * If snapping is enabled, the clip will jump to any close-by clips (or the play-head, if it is close-by).

Trim a Clip (Resize Mode)

  1. Switch to Resize Mode, by clicking on the resize icon.

  2. Move you mouse cursor over the right or left edge of a clip.

  3. Drag the edge of the clip to trim the video.

    * As you drag the edge of the clip, the preview window will display where the clip will begin or end (based on which side of the clip you are dragging).

Slice a Clip (Razor Mode)

  1. To slice a clip into 2 pieces, switch to Razor Mode .

  2. The mouse cursor will change to a dotted line & razor icon.

  3. Click on a clip at the point you want to cut / slice it.

    * If snapping is enabled, the razor will jump to the play-head position, if it is close-by.

Edit Toolbar

The Edit Toolbar lets you toggle between different edit modes for the timeline. When moving, trimming, and slicing clips, it is necessary to change the edit mode using this toolbar.





Add Track

Add a new track to the top of the stack.


Select Mode

Select mode allows you to click and move clips.


Razor Mode

Razor mode allows you to split a clip where ever you click.


Resize Mode

Resize mode allows you to grab the edges of a clip and drag to resize (or trim) the clip.


Snap Mode

Snap mode allows clips to snap (or jump) to the nearest clip or play-head (if any are close) when you drop them.


Add Marker

Add a new marker, which allows you to quickly jump back to this exact point while previewing.


Previous Marker

Skip to the previous marker (if any).


Next Marker

Skip to the next marker (if any).