Duplicar clips

A very useful feature in OpenShot is the ability to duplicate clips, transitions, and masks.  To duplicate an item, right-click on the item (such as a clip or transition), and choose Duplicate.  This will add an exact copy of the duplicated item to the timeline.  Including the IN and OUT points, effects applied to the clip, and key-frame animation settings.

A common use of the Duplicate feature, is to trim a video clip down to a specific scene, and then duplicate the clip.  Once you have two identical clips, you can mute the audio on one, and hide the video of the other.  The is a quick way to separate the audio and video of a clip.  Now you can offset the audio of the clip, or continue the audio of the clip, while trimming the video down.  This is often used in films, when two people are talking.  They continue to play the audio from the first person talking, while showing the reaction of the second person.