If you need to rotate a clip 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or even animate the rotation around in circles, OpenShot has a Rotate effect which can help.

OpenShot has two types of rotation effects available, fixed and animated.  To apply a rotation effect, switch to the Effects Tab on the main window, and drag the Rotate effect onto your clip.  

To adjust your rotation settings, right-click on the clip and choose Properties.  Then switch to the Effects tab on the properties window, and click on the Rotate effect.  This will bring up a list of rotation settings that can be adjusted.  Try changing each setting, and use the Play Button to preview the effect.

Rotação fixa

A fixed rotation can rotate a video 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or any number of degrees you need.  It does not animate the rotation.  This is useful when you record a video sideways, and need to rotate it.  To use a fixed rotation, only adjust the settings with that start with “Fixed”.  Be sure to adjust the other settings back to zero.

Rotação animada

An animated rotation can be used to spin a clip around in circles, or many other patterns.  This can be a nice effect for titles, spinning newspapers, or other creative uses.  To use an animated rotation, adjust the “Fixed” settings to zero, and only use the settings that start with “Rotate”.

Simple Rotation

Each clip has a Rotate setting, which will rotate the clip without requiring an effect to be added to the clip.  This can be modified on the Clip Properties screen, or by right-clicking on a clip, and choosing the Rotate menu.