Transitions are used to gradually move between 2 different clips.  Many different transitions are available in OpenShot.  They are easy to drag and drop onto the timeline, and can add lots of fun to a video project.

Ecrã de transição





Separador Transição

This is the transitions tab.  It contains a list of all transitions available in OpenShot.


Lista de transições

This is the transition list.  Select a transition and drag and drop it onto the timeline.



The resize tool can be used to resize a transition.


Transition on the Timeline

Once you drop a transition on the timeline, it can be moved and resized just like any other clip.  The transition snaps between tracks, and blends between the 2 tracks.

Adicionar transição

To add a transition, switch to the Transition Tab, and select a transition by clicking on it.  Drag and drop the transition onto the timeline.  It will snap between 2 tracks.

Mover uma transição

To move a transition, switch to Select Mode on the Timeline Toolbar, and drag it to a new position.

Resize a Transition

To resize a transition, switch to Resize Mode on the Timeline Toolbar, and drag the left or right edge to a new size.

Trocar de direcção

Because transitions blend between 2 tracks, it is important to know which direction it is blending.  On the transition, it has an arrow that shows the direction, top to bottom, or bottom to top.  In general, the transition should go from the first clip to the next clip by timeline position.

To change the direction of a transition, right-click on a transition, and choose Switch Direction.

Propriedades da transição

Just like a clip, a transition has a properties window.  To launch the properties window for a transition or a mask, right-click on the item, and choose Properties.  To save your changes, click on the Apply button.






Máscara ou Transição



The direction of the transition or mask.  Up blends from the bottom clip to the top clip.  And Down blends from the top clip down to the bottom clip.



The softness of the transition.  The bigger the number, the wider the wipe, and the smaller the number to narrower the wipe.


Mask Threshold

The mask threshold is the amount of gray to use for the mask.  The bigger the number, the more of the mask is used, the smaller the number, the less is used.  Experiment to find the right threshold for a mask.

Converter para máscara

A mask is very similar to a transition, except that a mask is static.  It does not gradually change from one clip to the next.  Instead, it mixes the 2 tracks at some predetermined point.  A mask can be used to only show a small section of a clip, to show a border around a clip, to block out something from a clip.  To experiment with a mask, simply convert a transition to a mask and watch what happens.

To convert a transition to a mask, right-click on the transition, and choose Convert to Mask.

Create a New Transition / Mask

Transitions are just gray-scale images.  They can be created in any graphics program.  To add a custom transition or mask, select File > Import New Transition, and select a gray-scale PNG image file from your hard-drive.  You will see this new image show up on the Transitions tab.  This transition will be in localed in the /home/USER/.openshot/ folder.

Remover uma transição

To remove a transition, right-click on a transition on the timeline, and choose Remove.