Bass - Adjust the low-pitched sound or tone.

Black and White - Adjust the color of the image to black and white based on a threshold .

Blur – Blur the image similar to an out-of-focus camera.

Brightness – Adjusts the brightness of the image.

Cartoon – Cartoonify the image, using a form of edge detection.

Charcoal – Filter the image to look like it is drawn with charcoal.

Chroma Hold – Display a single color, while using greyscale for the rest of the image.

Chroma Key – Make a single color transparent.  Also referred to as green screen and blue screen.

Color Distance – Calculates the distance between the selected color and the current pixel and uses that value as new pixel value.

Contrast – Adjusts the contrast of a source image.

Deinterlace – Convert interlaced video to non-interlaced video.

Distort – Distort the source similar to plasma.

Echo – Add an echo.

Edgeglow – Find and glow the edges of objects.

Freeze – Freeze the frame of a video.

Gamma – Adjusts the gamma or luminance value of the image.

Glow – Add a glow effect to the image.

Gray-scale – Convert an image to shades of grey.

Hue – Shift the hue of all colors in the image.

Invert – Convert colors in the image to the opposite or complementary colors.

Mirror – Split and mirror the image.  Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal mirrors are supported.

Nosync – Adjust the image up and down, with the off-screen portion appearing on the other side.

Old Dust – Add small dust shapes randomly on the image.

Old Film – Adjusts the gamma and brightness randomly to create the illusion of old film.

Old Grain – Adds static and grain to the image.

Old Lines – Adds random vertical lines to the image.

Oversaturate – Oversaturate the color in the image, like in old Technicolor movies.

Phaser – Add a series of peaks and troughs to the audio, creating a sweeping effect.

Pixelate – Increase the size of pixels to obscure the image.

Remove Blue – Extracts blue from the image.

Remove Green – Extracts green from the image.

Remove Red – Extracts red from the image.

Rotate – Rotate an image statically or animated.

Saturation – Adjusts the saturation or intensity of the image.

Sepia – Adjust the color of the image to emulate black-and-white film that has had sepia pigment added.

Sobel – Detect and highlight the edges of objects.

Threshold – Reduces and mixes the colors of the image based on a threshold .

Treble – Adjust the high-pitched sound or tone.

Weißabgleich - Den Weißabgleich und die Farbtemperatur anpassen.