Editor de títulos

Like many video editors, OpenShot has a built-in title editor.  It has some basic functionality to help you create titles for your video project.  Here are the features of the title system:

  1. Many Templates (Including a Solid Color Template)

  2. Easy Text Editing (title, subtitle)

  3. Change Font and Color (including alpha channel)

  4. Change the Background Color (including alpha channel)

  5. Uses SVG Image Format (vector based)

  6. Adds Titles to the Project Files Section

  7. Integration with Inkscape (as the advanced editor)

However, if the basic editor is not powerful enough for you, any SVG image file can be imported and used as a title.  The alpha channel (transparency) is respected, which means titles can be overlayed on top of other tracks, and will show the video through the transparent parts.

Iniciar editor de títulos

Para criar um título, clique no menu Título > opção Novo título.... Isto vai iniciar o edito de títulos.

Create New Title File

Once the title editor launches, you need to select a template, and click the Create New Title button.  The will make a copy of the template SVG title, and add it to your Project Files.  Enter the name of the file, as it will be saved to your hard-drive.

Janela do edito de títulos

A janela de títulos permite-lhe escolher o modelo, editar o texto, alterar as cores e criar os seus títulos para os projectos. Assim que terminar a edição do título, clique no botão Aplicar.





Escolha o modelo

Escolha o modelo SVG a utilizar para o título.


Create Title Button

Click this button to create your copy of the SVG template.


Editar texto

Launch the text editing window.


Alterar o tipo de letra

Alterar o tamanho e a família do tipo de letra.


Cor das letras

Change the font color and alpha (transparency) level.


Cor de fundo

Change the background color and alpha (transparency) level.


Editor avançado

Edit this SVG title in Inkscape.


Antevisão do título

Preview your title after each edit, color change, or font change.

Títulos deslizantes / Créditos

To create the effect of scrolling titles, you need to cut your title sequence into many different screen-sized titles.

Create Each Title Image

Offset Each Title on the Timeline

Add each title image of your scrolling credits to the timeline, set the length of each image to 7 seconds, and then offset them between two tracks.  This can be done very quickly with the Add to Timeline feature.

Animar cada um dos títulos

Right-click on each title clip and choose Animate > Bottom to Top.  This will create the illusion that your entire credits are scrolling from bottom to top in one continuous sequence, with no gaps.  Be sure to overlap the titles (as show in the illustration) so there are no gaps between the titles.